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Long Island’s Premier Waterfowl Outfitter
Email: Steve@eastcoastwaterfowlers.com

Welcome to East Coast Waterfowlers!

We specialize in Sea Duck Hunting, Diver Duck Hunting and Brant hunting.

Our dedication at East Coast Waterfowlers is solely to the hunting of  waterfowl. Therefore, we devote 100% of our time making your hunt the most memorable and successful experience on the Long Island coast. We use the best equipment available on the market today, from our 28' aluminum duck boat to our oversized custom decoys. Your safety is our main priority. We look forward to sharing with you a most memorable and successful duck hunting experience!

When Hunting with East Coast Waterfowlers you will be hunting out of a custom aluminum 28’ boat powered by a 300HP outboard. Our rig is equipped with GPS, depth finder, VHF, First Aid Kit, and all required USCG safety equipment.  The captain is USCG Licensed and insured.  We welcome clients from beginners to experts.  Let us give you the most memorable waterfowl hunting experience on the Long Island Coast. Take advantage of Sunday Hunting in NY State.


The fact is, New York State’s greatest concentration of wintering ducks is on and around Long Island.  Long Island is located in the southeastern part of the state that stretches northeast into the Atlantic ocean. With over 400 miles of coastline we are able to hunt a large variety of ducks, which include Divers, Brant, Sea Ducks, Geese, and an assortment of Puddle ducks.  We are strictly dedicated to waterfowl hunting.  


East Coast Waterfowlers offers several different styles of hunting. You can choose to hunt from a large tender boat which will accommodate up to 6 hunters, or to gun out of our two man Banks Revolution.  Another option is a combination hunt.  This is where we would utilize both the Tender boat and the Layout boat (usually for larger parties).


Eiders, Scoters, Old Squaw

Brant, Goldeneye, Broadbill

Buffleheads, Redheads, Mergansers